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Life is all about LOVE and ROCK.

2010년 4월 1일 시작된 러브락은 실력이 검증 된 뮤지션과 기획자들이 모여
다양한 분야의 아티스트들과 함께 라이프스타일로서의 락앤롤 문화를 만들어가는
문화창작집단입니다. (주)러브락은 현재 음반제작 및 매니지먼트,
투표해ROCK!등의 공연 기획과 페스티벌 기획 등은 물론,
국내외 아티스트의 활발한 문화교류를 위한 해외 관련사업등을 펼치고 있습니다.


매니지먼트, 공연기획, 음반제작, 해외투어컨설팅

Loverock is a Seoul-based independent record label, management, and promotion company.
Since starting in 2010, the company has followed the motto “Life is all about love and rock.”
Loverock’s current roster of bands includes Galaxy Express, Pavlov, Victim Mentality and Dead Buttons
In addition to working with its own talented acts, Loverock also offers overseas tour booking and international publicity services to other musicians and has helped a number of Korea’s top indie bands boost their global profile.
And the company also regularly organizes concerts, music marketplaces, parties and festivals in Korea in order to help strengthen and attract great attention to the Korean indie scene.